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Register for Fibrations 2024


Thanks for registering for Fibrations! Please note that registration does not guarantee acceptance. We will be in touch by May 1st with confirmation.

Fibrations 2023 Raffle Winners

Vendor                        Winner

Ancient Futures               picked up

Barb Alexander             Maureen 385803

Batfish Studio                Colin 3465783

Because I Felt Like It        Annette 385790

BeeHive Wool Shop      Melanie 21159

BlackCat Yarn               Sara 385705

Bubbies Boutique           picked up

Cedar Coast Arts           Lauralea 3466367

Chaotic Fibres               Mary 385996

Colour Woven               Cecelia 4071706

Crafty Phase                  picked up

DeeZee Creations           picked up

Eden Sprout                   Ashley 3466082

Elf Leatherworks              Lorraine 4071334

Embroidery Guild           Valerie 4071724

Equipment Resale            Jan 385952

Flax to Linen                   picked up

Gala Fabrics                  Jane 385842

Gauge Dyeworks           Denise 4071558

GingerSnap                  Jody 385960

I Bee Weaving              Suzannah 4071586

Inkahoots Weaving        Catriona 4071824

JemStar Creations           Lemieux 4071355

Jill's Fibres                     Caroline 3465716

Knots & Tangles Gifts      Christine 3466298

Knotty by Nature            picked up

Little Wigglers                Sharron 385877

MagBags                      Nancy 385893

Melly Knits                     picked up

Monster Boy                   Mary 385991

Morena Clothing            Gwyn 4071649

Morrison Creek Alpacas   Tara 4071745

Mosquoy                       Gena 4071543

Mr Snap That                 Pat 4071752

NanC Designs               Heather 4071693

New Wave Fibre            Laura 4071801

Outrageous Designs         Rosalyn 385810

Pender Island Farm           Rebecca 4071417

Pottergee Pottery              Atousa 385929

Puzzle Tree Yarns             Shanna 4071874

Queen Anne Designs        Anita 4071375

Queer Stitch Craft            Zola 385560

RoseHill                         Mary 3466427

Saori Salt Spring             Nera 3466334

Sari Silks #1                   Julia 385772

Sari Silks #2                   Karyn385928

Sari Silks #3                   Nera 3466324

Scrumptious Ewe             Alana 4071960

Sheepless Yarns              Peter 4071783

Small Bird Workshop        Anne 4071726

Sooke Yarn & Fibre           picked up

Spin A Good Yarn           Alice 3466397

SpunWare                     picked up

Stitch & Bits                    Karen 3465884

That Darn Yarn Shop        Karen 3465885 

The Eclectic Collected       picked up

The Makehouse Co-op      Charlotte 4071263

The Spinnacle                 Rebecca 4071416

TLC Fibre Arts                  Alexis 385527

Tofino Knit Company        Neva 3466316

Victoria Handweavers       Melody 4071500

Victoria Knitters' Guild       3466255

Victoria Knitters' Guild #2  Ellen 4071514

Victoria Lord                    Susan 3465976

Victoria Quilters' Guild      Coleen 4071882

Wednesday Creative        Nicole 3465830

White Raven Craft            Jody 211536

Wolf & Faun Knits            picked up

Wool and Waves Creative picked up

Extra #1                         Danica 385802

Extra #2                         picked up

Extra #3                         Peter 4071986

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