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Stephanie Papik

Inspired by her Great Aunt Sarah, Stephanie took up knitting in her 20's and since then has created so many beautiful textiles ranging from weaving, felting and spinning to pattern design and lace.  She brings to her classes an indigenous perspective that will open your heart, release your inner critic, and and unleash your creativity.

Ryan Davis:

Felting, Weaving, more

After discovering weaving as a way to augment his income while working as a bicycle courier in 2007, Ryan's love for fibre arts has grown until today.  In his role as manager of Knotty by Nature, Ryan loves to share his love for fibre arts from behind the till, in a private classes, or in group settings.

Annie Nazarian:

Creative Stitching, Needle Felting

In her words 'I have always been a maker and I believe this comes from the summers I spent as a child, in England, with my granny. Sybil was a colourful and outspoken woman who liked to sew. Together we made all kinds of dolls and creatures from her treasure trove of buttons, lace, ribbon and bits. Sewing was an expression of her love and I learned that I could also express myself and connect with others on this way. Through a variety of mediums I hope to evoke a sense of playfulness and joy.'

I received a BFA from the University of Victoria, studying drawing, painting, sculpture, and majoring in photography. I then attended the Visual Arts Program at the Banff School of Fine Arts on a scholarship for one year. I have owned two businesses and worked with the public for twenty five years. Three years ago I made the plunge to professional maker and it has been an adventure. Through fairs, markets and workshops I enjoy sharing my whimsical world.



Caitlin French: Natural Dyeing

Caitlin ffrench is a textile artist working in East Vancouver (unceded Coast Salish Territories) 

She regularly teaches workshops in different applications of textile arts and natural dyes, is a knitwear designer, and tries to spend as much time as she can outside. If you would like to see the day to day of her life, please take a look at her Instagram page.

Caitlin received a BFA from the University of British Columbia (Okanagan) and she attended the Kootenay School of the Arts for their textile program. 

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Dela Wilkins
Dela has been sewing, knitting and crocheting for over 60 years. Since retiring from her nursing career,
she has focused on Tunisian crochet (also known as Railway Knitting) which she teaches as part of the
hands-on-activity program aboard VIA Rail The Canadian between Toronto and Vancouver several times
a year. Dela also joins other crocheters on board some of The Crochet Crowd cruises and shares her
knowledge of Tunisian crochet with this group. Her approach to teaching is to help you understand the
mechanics of the stitches you are making. Dela has written several booklets and a Railway Knitting
Workbook about Tunisian crochet techniques. Her free patterns (“recipes”) are available on Ravelry.


Susan Romphf

I’m a retired registered nurse and I love all things fibre and colour. About 12 years ago I was shown how to make a piece of “silk “ paper and I haven’t stopped discovering all the things you can do with silk roving, silk hankies and a process called silk fusion. 


I use the pieces in many ways bags, wallets, wall hangings, vases, journal covers even clothing. 


I love to share this fun and versatile fabric with folks. And look forward to  sharing my passion of silk with you.  

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