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Haynes Creek Heathers


100 grams, 180 metres

Aran Weight - 18sts/10cm


Haynes is a rural farming community in central Alberta, within the county of Lacombe.  The hamlet is named after the creek that runs near it, which in turn was named after one of the early prairie pioneers.


My father's family moved to the area 3 generations before me, and my dad established his own farm a kilometer from Haynes in 1963. It was a wonderful place to grow up, and I made many a bike trip to Haynes Creek, along with my siblings, to skip rocks on the water, and explore the muddy banks.

Haynes Creek Heathers is a 100% non-superwash wool line from the highlands of Peru.  It is milled in a facility known for quality of fibre, fair treatment of their workers and family (see the Mirasol Project).  This mill has recently attained their Fair Trade Certification, and we are proud to support their efforts.

Haynes Creek Heathers

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