This is an introductory wet felting class for humans aged 6 years and up, with little to no experience or knowledge necessary. Students will be creating an original piece of felted fabric which can then be transformed into an item of their own choosing (small purse/bag, wall hanging, eyeglass case, coaster, etc.)

Topics covered will include: a brief history of wool and its use in felting, how felting occurs, and the felting process using the wet felting technique. Everyone will make a small felted sampler in their home.

Things you need to have on hand to be set up in your home:

  • a baking tray, your area to felt on
  • a towel to keep on hand
  • a sponge
  • low suds soap like olive oil, or goat's milk soap
  • either bubble wrap, a sushi mat, a bamboo place-mat or blinds, and possibly a pool noodle (optional)
  • your open heart and mind
  • and 2 ounces of merino roving and other assorted fibres and yarns from your stash

Need to resupply? Use the shopping list provided here and email us to make an order for pick-up at 1919 Fernwood Road.

  • 2 oz of assorted colors of merino $14
  • 2 oz of white merino $10
  • 1 ounce of assorted color of dyed locks $7.50/ounce
  • 25 grams of assorted color silk $20
  • 50 grams of random yarns $10
  • $15 class fee
  • anything else?

Intro to Wet felting - Online with Stephanie Papik and Ryan Davis