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50% mulberry silk, 30% extrafine merino, 20% superfine merino

50grams, 125 metres


Vera Belle Briggs was a Victorian lady, living in modern times.  She served afternoon tea in a porcelain cup and saucer, with a stir spoon nestled on the saucer.  Vera (I called her Gran) was kind, generous, and loved silk embroidery.

Our first luxury yarn offering is named Vera.  It is a sumptuous blend of 50% Mulberry Silk, 30% Extrafine Merino, and 20% Superfine Merino. This is the finest grade of Merino that can be spun and plied into yarn.  There is a subtle sheen for the eye to enjoy in this DK weight yarn, but the pleasure is in the touch. It is Divine.


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